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RU Miss Kitty McCue (a.k.a. Kitty)

Left to right: RU Prodigal Son, RU Turkleton, RU Sir Galahad,
and RU Miss Kitty at the Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program Reunion.
July 21, 2012

With RU Sir Galahad ('01, left)
Summer 2008

Miss Kitty and Emily

Miss Kitty enjoying a refreshing drink with Hank Jr. ('09) and Galahad ('01)

Galahad ('01) and Kitty having some fun!

  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • 100% American Paint Horse
  • Currently owned by Dr. Ralston and used as a trail/pleasure horse
November 27, 2010:
Miss Kitty is the best guest horse ever! At 15 hands 2 inches, she is as wide as she is tall!

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