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RU Sir Galahad

Left to right: RU Prodigal Son, RU Turkleton, RU Sir Galahad, RU Miss Kitty
Catching up with old friends at the Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program Reunion
July 21, 2012


March 22, 2010

Getting some exercise with Miss Kitty ('02)!
  • By Onyx Diamond (QH) x Belgian mare
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  •  QH  Belgian
Multiple ribbons in competitive trail and hunter paces!
But his favorite pastime is trail riding in Allaire State Park, eating and drinking beer from a bottle!
RU Prairie Rose (a.k.a. Rosie)

  • By Gumbo (Registered APHA) x Belgian mare
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint  Belgian
  • Height as of 2010: 15.3h at withers; 15.2h at rump
  • Weight as of 2010 (by weight tape): 1200 lbs
Multiple ribbons and year-end championships in green hunters in 2007 and 2008

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