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Program Description:
TeachingThe program provides more than 30 students a year with the opportunity to train and handle young horses and gain experience in behavior and nutrition research. This year we are using 1 and 2 year-old mustangs gathered by the Bureau of Land Management from Horse Management Areas (HMAs) in Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Students learn to train the wild horses with the aid of professional trainers. The mustangs are purchased and maintained at Rutgers through the aid of individual and group sponsors as well the generous aid of donors
    ~To learn more about the mustangs and the draft cross horses from previous years, click on the History link.     
    ~To see photos and updates about this year's horses, click on 2010-2011 Horses
    ~To learn about this semester’s students, click on the Students link

    ~To see this year’s sponsors or learn more about donating to the program, please see our Support link
    ~To keep up with the program and get updates on the horses, please see our News page

Research: Our focus is on the nutritional requirements of young horses, with emphasis on "non-traditional" types of horses. This year we are conducting an experiment on the effects of a high starch feeds on the trainability and excitability of young mustangs. To learn more, please visit our Research page. 

Outreach: We are trying to promote better understanding of the BLM mustangs, both with respect to their nutritional needs and trainability and potential as athletic, valuable horses. To this end we with be showing them in the Annual Ag Field Day Horse Show and show casing them all day on April 30, 201. They will be sold/adopted at our Annual Young Horse Auction on May 1, 2011. This year we are selling six and a half “titled” mustangs (one of the mares is pregnant and is due to foal before the auction) and are offering two fostered horses for adoption according to BLM rules. In addition, dissemination of the new knowledge gained from our research through seminars, the websites, and publications helps the horse industry as a whole. Through the publicity surrounding the Annual Young Horse auction and Ag Field Day, we also hope to generate increased public awareness of the Equine Science Center and the Department of Animal Science Teaching, Outreach and Research programs at Rutgers.

    ~To see where graduated horses are now, visit the Graduates page.
    ~To learn more about this year’s upcoming auction, visit our Auction page 

2010-2011 Mustang Sponsorships - Thank you!
  • Mustang 5502: RU Santana: Carla Prentiss
  • Mustang 5123: RU Koda: Joanna Barnish and Louis Sorrentino
  • Mustang 5185: RU Levi: Liz Durkin
  • Mustang 5137: RU Shy Anne: Dr. and Mrs. Bill Meyer, Carol O'Scanlon and Julie Richards 
  • Mustang 6296: RU Sierra: Katie Vogel, Barbara Earnest, Ann David 
  • Mustang 3996: RU Sundance Kid: Peter and Julie Richards
  • Mustang 6181: RU Sassafras: Dr. and Mrs. Bauer 
  • Mustang 5575: RU Annie Oakley : Colts Neck Trail Riders Club, Eileen Petruch, President
General Program Support
(through donations of money or goods and services)
- Thank you!

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