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Take a look at what some of the students who graduated from the Young Horse
Teaching and Research Program are up to now!

Jacquelyn Teson- Class of '12- Animal Care Technician at University of Pennsylvania

Melissa Reese- Class of '11-
Assistant Trainer at Topinka Nunn Dressage

Pamela Brzezynski- Class of '11-
Veterinary Techinician

Alli Sommerkorn
- Class of '11- Veterinary School, University of Illinois

Jorge Pang Rivas- Class of '11- Veterinary School, Ross University

Samantha Vitale- Class of '11-
Employed at Walt Disney World

Denine Preziosi- Class of '11-
Veterinary Technician

Rebekah Verdieck- Class of '11- Veterinary Technician

Kelly Steimle
- Class of '10- Agricultural Extension Specialist in Cape May.

Josh Alster and Renee Hines- Class of '10- Managing a horse farm in New Jersey

Stephanie Devito- Class of '09- Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Katharine Zeigler
- Class of '09- University of Pennylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Catherine Shatynski- Class of '08- Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine

John Plunkett- Class of '08-
Veterinary School, University of Illinois

Melissa Hobor
- Class of '08- Graduate School, University of London

Lawrence Swan- Class of '08- Research Technician at Bristol Myers Squibb

Chelsea Bullock- Class of '07-
Managing a Standardbred farm in New Jersey

Frederique Theuvenin (Previously Evans)- Class of '07-
Currently working on a Masters in
Biomedical Sciences
from UMDNJ
and is the editor of the American Journal of Orthopedics. 
Planning to apply to MD programs next year.

Nicole Gerardi- Class of '07-
Veterinary School, Ross University

Justin Milizio- Class of '07- Veterinarian in Denver, Colorado

Tom Caltabilota- Class of '07
- Completed a Masters degree, now in Veterinary School
and is getting married to Avery Kasten this summer!

Kelly Saverino- Class of '07- Emergency Veterinarian in Central New Jersey

Avery Kasten- Class of '06- Veterinarian in Alabama, getting married to Tom Caltabilota this summer!

Sarah Grossman- Class of '06- Equine Veterinarian in England

Elizabeth Houston- Class of '06-
Veterinary School, University of Edinburgh

Michelle Stives- Class of '06- Veterinarian, recently published a paper on
Vitamin C and transportation with Dr. Ralston!

Louis Arnese
- Class of '05- Veterinarian

Carrie Danzeisen- Class of '05- Employed with Earnst and Young Real Estate, still
the proud owner of RU Apollo (Class of 2005)

Elizabeth Cottrell- Class of '04
- Veterinarian

Jose Romero Bosch- Class of '03- Horse trainer in New York

Lori Cunningham- Class of '01
- Married to Thomas Petrone, studied Law at Widener
University, now an Accounts Receivable Manager at Cunningham Family Medicine

Thomas Petrone- Class of '00-
Married to Lori Cunningham, completed a Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Degree at Drexel Univeristy, now employed at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Adam Cristman
- Class of '00- Veterinarian in New Jersey

Shannon Brady- Class of '00- Completed a Masters degree, and is now an
Agricultural Extension Agent in Pennsylvania

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