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RU Atticus

RU Atticus and Sue Mattos winning their dressage class!  
Atticus was also the High Score American Warmblood
for the weekend.  Congratulations to Sue and Atticus!
July 2013

July 2013

July 2013

RU Atticus and Sue Mattos at the ESCDTA Championship at the NJ Horse Park!
Sepetember 16, 2012

Applewood Farm
June 2011

Applewood Farm
June 2011

Applewood Farm
June 2011

With Carla Prentiss
Fall 2008
  • By Prodigal Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x Bird (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint Belgian
September 2012:
Atticus was in Training Level Test 2 Above 2nd. & Training Level Test 3 Above 2nd at the ESCDTA Championship show on Sept 16 at the NJ Horse Park and won 5th place, ridden by Sue Mattos!  


August 2011:
Atticus is doing great! We had him at his second dressage show on Sat., this time he flew solo all by himself in the trailer and to a strange new place.  We went to a schooling show at Heather Masonss Flying Change Farm.  We put him in Intro B again and he had an improved score of 67.50 (last time it was a 62.25), we also put him in Intro C which has 2 canter circles in it and he got a 64.50. He was a bit more distracted at this show but only to the extent of he was very interested in what everyone else was doing. Unfortunatly the warm-up area was next to the show ring so everyone was all in the same area and he was just trying to see what every one else was doing.  He did nothing bad but his attention was not as focused as it could have been but all that will come with time. I was very proud of him, he did his job and did nothing bad.  We got two 2nd place ribbons and were over-all open champion for the day and won a free photo shoot with Sue Stickles at the next show we are at that she is the photographer.  Not bad for my Baby Boy! He is going to go to his first jumping competition soon. On 8/20, the Pony Club is having a fund raiser and it will be Dressage and Clear round jumping.  It will be more experience for him and another new place to visit!
June 27, 2011:
I took Atticus to his first Dressage show today at Maralyn Paynes Applewood Farm. It was just a schooling show but he has to start someplace. I had Suzie ride him for his first show so it would be a positive experience for him. He did super-he got a 65.625 in the first test and a 62.500 in the second and won first & 2nd in the division! I was just so proud of him, he is just the greatest.

March 16, 2011:
Atticus is doing great. He is growing up. We had a real grown up canter last weekend and he has finaly figured out what to do with all his legs at the proper time and his frame is getting better and better. I just love him to death.

November 5, 2010:

I took Atticus on a hunter pace on Halloween and we were a three man team. I rode my old horse Cupcake; I had the young man who is helping me with Atti ride him and another lady from the barn with her horse. We had a really great day - my goal was to just get him back on the trailer and take him someplace new as he has not left the farm since he got here 3 years ago. To all of our surprise, we won our division so we came home with the blue ribbons. Atti took everything in stride - getting on the trailer with not even a thought and road like he had done it every day of his life. When we got to the place, he unloaded looked around and then went for the grass. Nothing so far has upset him - he just takes it all in good stride. I just love him to death. This winter will be focusing on ring work and suppeling; perhaps in the spring we can try a little dressage show.

June 11, 2008:
Atticus is doing super but I have stopped riding him for the present as he has gone through another growth spurt and his butt is 2 inches higher than his withers - so it is back to ground work. No need to put too much presure on his back at this point! I have lots of time and he is still only 3. He amazes me every day with how he listens and learns and how calm he stays in any circumstance - he just does not get rattled. Thank god - I am very fortunate.

May 13, 20
Hi, thought you would like to know about Atticus and his first experience under saddle out on the traill. Today I rode Cuppy and Tyler rode Atti up in the back fields at Peggy's. All went well; of course, a deer had to jump out of the bushes as soon as we entered the big field but I was very proud of Atti: he did spook, quite normal, but he did not freak or try to run, rear, or buck, a very good thing. The rest of the ride, he was very interested in what was ahead of him but showed no fear or hesitance. I give him a A+ for his first adventure.
RU Santiago

RU Santiago looking fantastic over a cross country jump!
April 2014

Photo by Barry Kioster Photography
April 2014

Photo by Barry Kioster Photography
April 2014

Santiago proudly wearing his new Rutgers saddle pad!
July 2012

  • By Tommy Brazil (TB) x 379 (Percheron)
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  •  Thoroughbred  Percheron

April 2014:
Santiago and I just finished a successful winter in training and have been doing so amazingly. I have attached a few photos and a video of us for you. I am so happy with him. He is an incredible horse and has the potential to easily reach the intermediate level in eventing and I have hopes of possibly taking him to a one star event in the next two or three years. Thank you so much for the program. You have started some phenomenal horses that have made so many people extraordinarily happy.

Click here to see a video of RU Santiago! 
RU Dreamcatcher

Soaking up some sun.
June 2015

Dreamcatcher and trainer Rosie DiMola.
January 2014
Photo by Tracy Holland

January 2014
Photos by Tracy Holland

Catching some Z's!  
January 2014
Photo by Tracy Holland

  • By Commanche (QH) x Squaw (QH/Percheron)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Quarter Horse Percheron

January 2014:
Dreamcatcher is still with her original owner, Kristine.  Dream has been working with a trainer, Rosie DiMola, who is pictured riding her. Just thought I would share some updated photos since she looks fantastic! 

July 2008
Dream has settled into our new home where we all live together! Yeah!! Only bad thing is that she has amazing vision and hearing and she watches me when I'm in the house until I come out to see her again .... and again.... and again... She loaded and shipped better than Lady (who is the old pro at this) and settled in immediately. She was ready to see more and do more right away. Lady wasn't, so we've just been sitting around doing nothing until both horses are more confident and happy with the new digs.

It's really nice to get up in the morning and see them right out the window...but because my neighbor feeds at 4:30 AM, my horses expect to be fed then too...and they are. There hasn't been a moment of regret or concern since bringing Dream home. She has been a joy to work with, and she has impressed everyone not just with her looks but her reasonable mind, kind and interested nature as well as her fabulous training fundamentals.
RU Curious George

Photo by Emily Lamprecht

Showing in 2011
Photo by Emily Lamprecht


July 2007
  • By Dol's Cupid (Hanoverian/Paint) x Merle (TB/Percheron)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch, Manitoba, Canada
  • Hanoverian Paint Thoroughbred
July 2013:
George is doing very well, now 7 yrs and getting more and more white hair. He is at a wonderful combined-training facility in MN, where he continues to excel at dressage, and this spring we added some low level jumping to his repertoire, which he seems to like. He also has turned out to be a great trail horse. George’s outgoing personality has made him is a barn favorite and he has proven to have a good head on his shoulders when he’s not being mischievous. We have a lot of fun together.

June 2011:
George is excelling in dressage, and will be attending several recognized shows this summer in the intro and training divisions now that he is a big 5 year old. The judges seem to really like him, as we are earning scores in the 70’s! He has proven to be a great trail horse as well, and will get the opportunity to try some hunter paces this fall. Now totally grey, you would never guess this is the same George from his baby pics.
RU Dante

October 2011

October 2011

August 2010


  • By Dol's Cupid (Hanoverian/Paint) x Katie (TB/Percheron)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch, Manitoba, Canada
  • Hanoverian Paint Thoroughbred
November 2, 2011:
All and all he is pretty wonderful. We have had some things to overcome since the last update. The summer brought his first bucking episode and he and I officially parted ways for the first time. We were trying a different saddle and I was VERY definite about maintaining some sort of forward trot and he crow hopped twice. I was stunned ...sat down to readjust a stirrup and kaboom! The others said it was pretty impressive buck. End result .... I was flat on my back on the ground seeing stars.  The chiropractor was thrilled for the business and we were back saddle shopping online since I could surf from the living room floor :) All is well now, no episode since and between the new saddle and the saddle fitter we have got things back on track. Lucked into an old Wychanger Barton Eventer custom that fits like a glove and is like sitting on air to boot!

The summer heat was really tough on him, we had some serious weight issues to figure out and one minor upset stomach. We had to change feed but thanks to Smartpak's supplements, strategy and athlete and soy oil (Thanks Dr. Valentine) we have finally got it down to a science to keep his tummy settled, him hydrated and pudgy going into winter. Riding in the summer was right out for most of this summer, I sort of expected it this year, by next year he will have acclimated much better.  The boy has a definite talent for growing hair. My clippers and mane comb are threatening to go on strike. I have never seen a horse grow mane that fast.

We have spent the cool weather working on his canter in the round pen, he is able to canter a fifty foot circle pretty much non stop and understands his leads. We have yet to work on it under saddle, he is doing well on maintain the walk and trot on a loose rein with no interference from me. He is getting the gist of lateral movement at both gaits, still trotting ground poles under saddle like a bulldozer and all in all being an angel. We have mastered riding with other horses in the arena and the art of being cantered past without losing his grip on reality. He is still terrified of cows.

He has acquired the nicknames "Squishy" or "Hue" or "Mr. Mongus."  Do not ask me about "Squishy" it just stuck. He lives in the party boy paddock with Elvis and Dallas, he loves to play halter tag and the three of them are always covered in scab or nicks. The mares did not find the games charming and he ended up getting a little too beat up. He is still a topic of conversation at the barn. A great favorite of everyone and the the one horse has everyone has to meet. He is a gracious host and is always the first to meet us at the fence.  Rest assured he has a forever home and is much beloved!

March 9, 2011:
I just wanted to send you a note of thanks on behalf of myself and Dante. He has come to me with great thanks to South Carolina from Stoneleigh Farm in Amenia, NY. I cannot express what a wonderful job that Rutgers did with his early training and the help Dante received thanks to all of you. The wonderful people at Stoneleigh gave him the most wonderful start under saddle. He is truly a lucky fellow and the luck is well-deserved! I cannot express what a wonderful horse this is from conformation, to soundness, personality and trainability. Of course the gorgeous dapple grey color just ices the cake. He is almost 5 and is an absolute gentleman about everything. He handles the farrier, clipping, trailering and handling better than most horses four times his age. As a returning rider, I needed a horse that had a quiet disposition and would - when fully trained - be bombproof. Dante is all of the above and I spend a lot of time reminding myself he is still a baby. A great favorite in the barn, most marvel at his sheer size and lovely personality. This 17.3h, 1600 lb monter wears a size 60" girth and an 84" blanket but is a big puppy dog to ride and handle. He lives out 24/7 and his hearty nature makes him one of the easiest horses to care for. He and I will be attending some hunter paces this summer and fall as well as some schooling shows. If you cannot tell by my above words, I am thrilled with him. He is completely priceless! Thanks Rutgers, Stoneleigh Farm and Ravine Ranch!

Novemeber 2010:
Our kids (human and equine) are doing great. Dante is sound and went back to work in September, only a few days a week, but seems no worse for wear! Knocking wood it stays that way! I have decided that I would like to place him in a new home. I know that the Rutgers site lists graduates for sale - however I am looking to gift him to someone. I think he would do fabulously with someone who is looking for a forever horse to do lower level dressage, trail ride, maybe even low jumping when he is farther along in his training. He is still barefoot and living out 24/7 and is more than content. We could list him if you like, but perhaps you have someone who would be interested. You know how much time and care we have put into him, happily of course, and I would like to find him someone who could appreciate him and treat him with the kindness and "pay it forward" attitude that you and Patty and I have.

May 2007:
Dante is doing great and has the best personality - he is so easy to work with I forget he is a yearling! I laugh at grooming time - he loves to swing those brushes around. I don't deny him that pleasure!
RU Oliver Twist

  • By Prodigal Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x Blondie (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint Belgian
July 2007:
Oliver is settling in nicely. He loves his grooming sessions and we do something new every day. He is in love with the tractor and will follow it and my husband around the pasture. Go figure!
RU Fiona

  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x Red (Belgian cross)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
July 25, 2011:
Fiona is doing great. She has recently begun working as a therapy horse at Celtic Charms Therapeutic Horsemanship in Howell so she will have a job when I am busy at college. I am working toward becoming certified to teach therapeutic riding so I still get to spend quite a bit of time with Fiona. I try to fit in some trail riding and jumping between her lessons. Everyone is amazed when they hear that Fiona is only five, and her funny personality has made her a barn favorite. You can always count on Fi to run over to greet you. I tell everyone her story, and it turns out one of her students is actually a Rutgers alum as well! As you can tell, I cannot say enough great things about Fiona. She continues to impress me everyday, and I could not ask for a better horse!

January 7, 2011:
Fiona continues to be the greatest. We have been working on jumping and have started showing in baby green hunters. Fiona will jump anything you put in front of her without hesitation, and she is now learning lead changes. The only problem I have with her is keeping her interested because she is so smart and gets bored easily! So of course she loves going to horse shows and on trail rides. Her name definitely fits her as she is certainly a princess! She has a mind of her own and insists on doing what she wants (luckily, we have similar agendas most of the time)!  I am having so much fun with Fiona, and I am so glad that I took a chance with her. She is such a clown and she makes me laugh everyday!  I am definitely going to do the Monmouth County show series and probably some Woodedge shows at Horse Park of NJ and some Baymar shows. I am hoping to start showing Fiona more starting in February/March. I am not a member of the Colts Neck Trail Riders but I would love to do some of their hunter paces this year, especially since I live within walking distance of Bucks Mill Park!
RU Lenore

Starting her new career as a riding horse!
February 2016

Lenore already teaching her foal to eat hay!
April 2012
  • By Sports Coupe (Registered APHA) x Belgian/QH mare
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch
February 2016:
After many years as wonderful surrogate mother, RU Lenore developed a uterine issue which makes her unable to continue being a surrogate mother.  She is now being trained to ride!

April 2012:
RU Lenore is currently acting as a surrogate mother to a saddlebred filly (Such a Salesman x Intoxicating Conversation).  She is proving to be an excellent mother- already teaching her filly to eat hay. Her owners say in a week the filly be searching their pockets for candy!
RU Zidane
Photo coming soon!
  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x "Corky" (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
May 2012:
Zidane is doing great. He is eventing elementary level and doing training level dressage. I will forward a picture of him from Gladstone in April in the next day or 2.
I hope he will be at the RU Reunion July 21 at the Colts Neck Trail Riders Poker Pace in Bucks Mill Park, Colts Neck.

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