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RU Apollo
October 2008
  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x 108 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
Apollo is still the love bug that he was while he was at Rutgers. Everyone that meets him absolutely loves him, and no one thinks he is as young as he is. Although he is just over 16.2 in the withers, his rump is close to 17h. He has been undersaddle now for about 5 months and has been an absolute angel. In only a few months he already understands his commands to walk, trot, and move off leg. Recently we have been playing with ground poles and started on the canter. I have not found anything that he will not let me do. Apollo is great to have around the barn and has everyone constantly giving him attention. He is very spoiled by all the love he gets and always puts a smile on everyone including me.
RU Zucco

  • By Prodigy Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x 224 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint  Belgian
Shown in Halter & Western Pleasure
RU Hermes
 Photo by Tallman PhotographyPhoto by Red Horse Photography
At the American Warmblood Society Inspection, May 2009

HermesJen JenHermes08
  • By Moon Hippie (Appendix QH) x 48 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
  • Certified by the American Warmblood Society (AWS) in 2009
At Hermes' first and second H/J shows last spring with Jen Duelfer (Cook College grad!), he was shown on the flat only. He did very well - in the ribbons in every class. He LOVES the show ring. Later in the summer, we did a Bucks County Dressage show and he scored 62 and 65 in Training Level 1 and 2. Not too shabby for a four year old! We'll be continuing with dressage this year.
RU Duchess

On the flat - 2009

  • By Spotlight Norfleet (QH) x Lois (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
Duchess was sold in 2008. This is what her new owner has to say about her:
When I got her, she was very green under the saddle but was sweet and willing to work with. I started her with natural horsemanship training and she learned quickly. During the summer of 2009, I moved Duchess to a great barn and she loaded into the trailer fairly easily. We have made our way into the park and she was nervous (not spooky) but I know that will pass with time. In the fall of 2010, Duchess will be making the journey upstate with me to school next year and I know we both will have a great time together. I've had good and bad moments with Duchess but never - not even once - have I regretted buying her. She is the best horse I could have asked for and being around Duchess will always make a bad day much better - every time.

I love Duchess. She turned out to be a gem. I was able to get on her back with few to no issues and have taken her out over a dozen times; many times walking near cars and having my goat (playmate for her) follow behind. We have been on the beach around 8 times. She is so sweet and intelligent. She is already learning what leg pressure means and is starting to comprehend the concept of neck reining. I got such a great deal for a wonderful horse. She is nearly 16 hands and still growing. Her physique is changing as well - she is getting broader and more developed.
RU Lady Ashleigh

At Rutgers in 2005!
  • By Ike (Registered APHA) x 116 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint  Belgian
RU Aphrodite and RU Artemis

October 2011

RU Artemis and RU Aphrodite on a hunt in the summer of 2011.

In perfect sync!

RU Aphrodite and RU Artemis bringing up the rear.
RU Aphrodite
  • Prodigal Snifty Hank (Register APHA) x Belgian 176
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • 1/2 Paint 1/2 Belgian

RU Artemis

  • Prodigal Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x Belgian "Lang mare"
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • 1/2 Paint 1/2 Belgian

August 2011:
Kitty and Katie, formerly RU Artemis and RU Aphrodite, are known affectionately as the "Cowgirls."  They are enjoying a wonderful life on a multi-thousand acre farm and are always the highlights of their hunting jaunts.  They are owned by the twins riding them in the photos.

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